Quality Assurance

KION has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Apart from the certification procedure, quality is a challenge as well as a commitment for either the management or the staff of the company.

The main effort of the company is focused on “customer satisfaction” and it is of critical importance to ensure that “customer requests” have been clearly understood and on the other hand that the company organization is sufficient “to respond on the specific request ”.

This is the fundamental condition on which the quality assurance plan of the company has been erected.

Main targets of the plan are briefly mentioned here below:

  • To meet the customer requirements during the whole procedure of the project.
  • To minimize errors (zero defect procedures and results).
  • To keep the quality level requested by the customer during all project stages.
  • To respect the agreed “quality plan” in case of special project requirements.
  • To deliver within the time scheduled.

In the standard quality-operating plan following actions are defined:

  • Documents Control
  • Records Control
  • System Preview
  • Quality & Efficiency Factors
  • Staff Employment & Training
  • Purchasing
  • Hardware-Software Control
  • Bidding procedures
  • Review of the project contract
  • Design, Programming and Working out of the project
  • Quality Control
  • Subcontractors Evaluation
  • Suppliers Evaluation
  • Internal Inspection & Check
  • Declination Arrangement
  • Correction & Preventive Interventions